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He thought a little helplessly

No one knows why he wants to die.

  He was thinking at the table, in fact he himself had not figured out why. It may be because of repeated defeats in job hunting; it may be because a large number of years have not yet had their own house can only be sent to the suffering of the people; the pressure of the blind date given by the parents may also be uncertain about the future.

  Not sure where you are, not sure where to go. Not sure if the future will be worse. content | company website | This Site | But as his father said, he is a useless guy. He spends so much money on school at home, and he can't do it in the end.

  Is that the right stop loss? He thought a little helplessly. Anyway, he was also a bad person. He didn't take a book, didn't take a graduate student, and didn't have the same skills as a junior college student. I think it seems to be the same. If you do business, you don’t have the capital; he is not a graduate student and he is not good at finding a job. If you can’t find a job, you can’t find the object. Even if you can find the object, you can’t live without it for two days. Even if he is not divorced, the subject can afford to see him and give him a donkey. The nephew is born with money*; the school is for money; the training class is also for money; if you have the ability, you can go abroad. That is another big sale.

  Did he say to me when he arrived? Sorry, Dad has no money. Can we not go on?

  Don't say *, he will look down on himself first! A useless middle-aged man, what are you doing alive?

  So, it’s better to die! Anyway, his parents are not only his one*, some people can support the elderly, and the old couple still have some *rooms, and they can earn some rent every month, how can they live a prosperous life.

  He thought for a long time, and did not expect anyone in the world who would need him, nor did he think that if he died, it would affect his family. Estimated that it doesn't have much impact. After all, every time I go home, the old couple will see him, and the grumpy father will tell him that he is alive without a fart...

  So, still dead!

  After all, it’s easier to die than to live. Jumping from the upstairs, managing his love for hate and hatred, success or failure, will be a dust with him. Just still will be sad.

  When he was in college, he was full of money to raise his parents in the future. The old couple liked to 啥*啥, and they would not be wronged to save money. But now he found that even without the three melons he earned, the old couple still lived happily, and there was no difference between him and him. It seems that he is only alive to the old couple. After all, there is a big 30* who is still not married, who has not married or worked, and who has to laugh at them.

  But if it is so dead, will others laugh at them too? He didn't know, but I didn't think it was like this in my mind. Forget it, skip it!

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