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The evil things will be easy to get close to you

Ye Ping has to go to work and have to take the children, so busy. I had dinner on this day, and I was a little idle. Ye Ping took Xiao Qingyu to go for a walk outside.

    Unexpectedly, this June day is like a child's face, saying that it will change, less than half an hour, and suddenly there is heavy rain, and Ye Ping and her mother have to rush back.

    In order to get home quickly, Ye Ping took his son to a remote near road. Just halfway through, Xiao Qingyu’s body shook gently discover this | find | . He pulled Ye Ping’s hand and said, “Mom, I I am afraid..." Ye Ping quickly tightened his son and told him not to be afraid. Xiao Qingyu still shivered and said: "Mom, I am afraid..."

    Ye Ping secretly complained of bitterness. As long as she knew this, she shouldn’t take a shortcut. Now she’s halfway through it, and then she has to go back and get sick. She simply put her son on her back and squats and squats at Xiao Qingyu. : "Qing Yu Yu, even if there are ghosts, I am not afraid, because there are three lights!"

    Xiao Qingyu curiously asked: "Mom, what are the three lights?"

    Ye Ping continued to lick his son and said: "In fact, everyone has three yang fire lights. These three lights are on the top of the head and shoulders. With the protection of this light, you can ward off evil, but as long as you look back, people breathe. It will blow out the lights on your shoulders, and you will only have a lamp on your head. The evil things will be easy to get close to you... So you will be on your mother’s back and don’t sway right and right, we will immediately Got home."

    Xiao Qingyu was very obedient. He nodded. "I don't look back, my mother doesn't look back! Let's go home soon."

    However, this night Xiao Qingyu still slept very badly, always woke up in his sleep, presumably was shocked, and was wet by the rain, started to burn, Ye Ping hurry to hold his son to the hospital, the doctor opened Medicine, Qi Yeping took the children home to rest.

    After tossing all night, Ye Ping was exhausted. She looked at Xiaoqingyu, who was sleeping, worried, and blamed herself for taking the children to cut the road last night, otherwise the children would not be scared.

    Ye Ping guards his son, two hours, three hours...

    Gradually, Ye Ping slept, and in the middle of the night, she came to the road with her son. Everything was there. The difference is that Xiao Qingyu is not around.

    Ye Ping anxiously shouted the name of her son, looked around and looked for her son. The lights on her shoulders were inadvertently blown out by her, but Ye Ping couldn’t think too much because she saw her son, Xiao Qingyu followed in the distance. She wandered behind her, looking at the front with her eyes indifferently. Like she didn't know her mother, there was a group of little devils holding him around Xiaoqingyu.

    Ye Ping immediately shouted: "Let my children go!" But the little devils are not afraid of her, they have rushed over to Ye Ping, and Ye Ping realized that his two lights have been extinguished, only the top of the head Hey, the devils are not afraid, but she can’t care so much, it’s important to save my son!

    Ye Ping madly slammed into the devil with the light on the head. The only light in this time gave a dazzling light. The little devils screamed and scared to leave Xiao Qingyu to escape. Called: "God! How can a lamp have such a great power? This mother is terrible!"

    Instantly, the little devils disappeared without a trace, and the last light on Ye Ping’s body was extinguished. She was exhausted and fell to the ground. additional reading | top article | this contact form |


They originally wanted to take the old man

When the children go their separate ways, their father or mother may still be alone in the old house of their hometown; only when they are old, the children will get together and then do something that is meaningless to the old people. thing……

    Early this morning, the mobile phone of Zhou Ruixiang, the boss of Xiangrui Group useful content | click site | Web Site | , rang. He just switched on. The phone immediately heard a woman crying and panicking: "Big scorpion, your mother, she... she left, just left You, you are coming back, coming back..."

    As soon as the old mother died, Zhou Tianxiang, the half-old man who had become a grandfather, cried like a child.

    In Zhou Jia, Zhou Tianxiang is the boss. When he was a teenager, his father was gone. It was the mother who pulled five children into the adult. Nowadays, they are all set up in different places and are very beautiful. They originally wanted to take the old man to the city and let her enjoy the blessings. But the old man insisted on guarding several old houses in his hometown and refused to enter the city. In desperation, they had to ask the village to take care of the elderly and install them in the old house. I called on the phone so that the old man could talk to the children. I didn't expect the old man to die suddenly. Zhou Tianxiang couldn't accept this reality. The childhood scene came to the forefront: the mother's voice and smile, the mother was busy with their brothers and sisters, and eating chowder dishes... Thinking of this, Zhou Tianxiang had a sore nose and could not help but burst into tears.

    Zhou Tianxiang immediately dialed the phone number of the three brothers, five brothers, two sisters, and four sisters. After telling them about the bad news of his mother's death, he led the whole family and drove the driver to his hometown Wujiling.

    On the way home, Zhou Tianxiang first dialed the phone number of the director of the city funeral home in the car, and asked him to send a car to his hometown tomorrow. The car should be styled and decorated with flowers. He is ready to organize a team, the mighty, windy scenery for the mother to bury. Then, he dialed the phone number of the city band and asked them to bring the whole class of the band to his hometown, saying that his mother had passed away, and that he wanted to make fun of the fun. The traditional band and the modern band had to sing and play for three days. Three days. Finally, he dialed the phone number of the wealthy owner and asked him to prepare fifty tables. After Zhou Tianxiang made these arrangements, he leaned back on the chair and fell asleep.

    At the door of the car, Zhou Tianxiang got out of the car. Although he has not returned to his hometown for several years, the old jujube trees, adobe walls, small bridges, water, chickens, ducks, cattle and sheep are still familiar; the atmosphere of the old house is still so strong and clear. Zhou Tianxiang stepped into the old house and looked up. He was stunned: I saw the old mother just leaning on the old rattan chair left by the ancestors. Zhou Tianxiang shouted: "Mom," He wants to say, you are not dead! But when I got to my mouth, I swallowed it back. The old lady heard the voice slightly open her eyes. When she saw the eldest son standing in front of her eyes, the muddy eyes immediately gave off their brilliance. She supported to sit up and Zhou Tianxiang took a step to help her sit down. The old lady smiled and licked her mouth. She smiled and said, "Don't you, your strange mother is not dead? It’s getting old... I’ve been dreaming of your dad for a few days, and I’m going to see you soon. He is... Hey! I haven't seen you for a long time, Ertoutou, Laojia, Laosi, Laowu, and my grandson Xiaowei, granddaughter Xiaoyan..." The old lady paused and said slowly, "俺I miss you, I want to see you, don't blame Li Wei, I am yelling at her to lie to you. When I am dead, you can only see me who is not angry, I am cold, but I can't see you..." Two teardrops rolled down the hollow eyes. Zhou Tianxiang met, the nose was sour, and the "pass" squatted in front of the old lady, sobbing and said: "Mom, we all blame us for not coming back to see you... Mom, don't be sad, everyone will come back today, you look good. Look..." The old lady wiped her eyes with her cuffs and smiled: "Dazi, get up, screaming at the grandson hill next door to Grandpa Wang, Xiaowei and Xiaoyan have picked up a lot of sweet dates. Oh, sometimes people are poor. Not good, you see Wang Daye's family, although the days are tight, but the children and grandchildren are around, every day I hear the laughter and the cry, my mother is envious!" Zhou Tianxiang was silent, thinking: Zhou is the most in the village. One of the envious children, five children have a successful career and a head; but never thought that everyone has their own small nest, who will take care of the old nest that once nurtured them!

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how do you talk about love

Hao Shu smiled out of the kitchen and said, "Okay, after half an hour, please try my best bacon steamed rice." Hao Shu's bacon steamed rice is actually very simple, after the rice is opened, Put the whole bacon on the rice noodles, cover the lid until it is ripe, take it out and cut it, sprinkle with ginger and shallot. During the cooking process, the rice absorbs the oily aroma of the bacon, which is especially delicious.

    Wang Shengwen did not want to eat bacon rice, but was anxious to see that Hao Lili. The blind date does not see the protagonist, how do you talk about love, prepare poetry for several days, useless land, is it not busy? When he saw Hao Shu coming out, he hurriedly asked: "Uncle, I will ask..."

    "Well, I want to ask you?" Hao Shu sat in the exclusive curved chair and pointed to a single stool and said to him: "Sit, sit, let us."

    Wang Shengwen sat down. reading this | he has a good point | moved here | other | click here | Hao Shu was interested in taking him from head to toe and shook his head and said, "Not handsome."

    What is not handsome, I am not handsome, if I am handsome, I still use blind date? I am sitting at home and choosing a beauty. However, even if I am so ugly, you can't talk so directly. Is it specifically hurting me? Humph. Wang Shengwen was angry in his heart, but he was quiet and did not reveal it. He just smiled a little and said: "People in the eyes of the lover. You, of course, can't see my handsome. For example, you also feel this in my eyes." It’s ugly.”

   How did you talk about this afterwards? Offended me, do you still use my daughter? Hao Shu quietly sinks his face. However, he did not attack, thinking: This kid is so emboldened, is it true that as the eight aunt said, some family? Ok, don't swear with him first, I have to touch his bottoms without revealing his voice, so I can turn off the check for Julie. He suddenly changed his face and asked, "Do you have a car?" There was full of suspicion in his eyes.

   Wang Shengwen raised his brow and said: "It's not strange. If you work hard, anyone can have a drop." The answer is very clever. He didn't directly answer whether he has a car now. However, if you work hard for a few years, maybe you will have it?

    Hao Shu was so cheerful and asked: "Do you have a building?"

   "Not surprising, as long as you work hard, anyone can cover it." Ha, Wang Shengwen is a omnipotent word.

   "It's also true. Right, I don't know which line you are doing, so rich?"

   "As long as there is wisdom, you can earn money from any bank." Wang Shengwen opened his mouth, as if he really made money.

   "What specific work?" Hao Shu did not get a real answer is not assured.

    This time Wang Shengwen can't get around, how is this round? I am helping my parents to plant the fields at home, playing wild boars and catching birds at leisure, and there is no serious work.

    Eight aunts were also anxious to look at him, afraid that he would brag the dew stuffing.

    Wang Shengwen was stared at by Hao Shuhan’s eyes. When he was in a panic, it was said to be honest: "I am, I am doing nothing now, and I am shooting and hunting."

    Eight aunts listened, and eagerly patted the thigh, whispering ‘Nothing is gone’. However, Hao Shu unexpectedly opened his face and opened his mouth. He yelled at the index finger toward Wang Shengwen and said, "Aha, you are rich second generation."

    Wang Shengwen unexpectedly, but the stuffing that he had just exposed was actually rounded up by Hao Shu, and he became a rich second generation. He repeatedly said: "Don't dare to act, don't dare to be."

    "If you and Julie become, how much can you afford?" Hao Shu's eyes wide open, staring at Wang Shengwen, full of hope. This is the point, it is not easy to raise a woman.

    "One point is not." Wang Shengwen blurted out. This is his character, the most annoying thing is to open your mouth and talk about money.

    "Ah?" Hao Shu was surprised. The woman is married, and I can’t get a penny. You are asking for my life.

     Ba Gu hahaha laughed and quickly went to the round: "He only has one sister, married early. Later, his parents have their feet and feet, and the whole body is his. If your girl marries him, their money. It’s your money. How much do you want to be, and what is the price for you?” find out | more | check this | read this article | best article


I am going to school when I get on the bus

The bus ran for several hours on the road. At noon, it drove into a city station, and "Dangdang" stopped.

Dou Youcai, who is recalling the college entrance examination scene, looked up at the window and thought that he was standing, and quickly grabbed the big cloth buns and went outside. Someone behind him patted his shoulder, Dou Caicai looked back, or the middle-aged man holding the child, smiled and said to Dou Youcai: "This has just arrived in Rizhao City, Qingdao is far from here."

Dou Youcai nodded in no doubt click here | to investigate | click now | next | this article | . Put the bag down and take the seat again.

"My name is Song Jianguo, I am working at Qingdao Guomian No. 3 Factory. My hometown is also Yimeng." The middle-aged man took out a blue book from his upper body pocket and said: "This is my work permit." Dou Youcai did not dare to pick up. Looking over and looking carefully, the tight nerves relaxed, saying: "Oh, it is Brother Song."

"Hey, I sat in the car for a long time and finally heard you talking." The middle-aged man named Song Jianguo said with a smile.

Dou Youcai blushes and says: "The first time I went out, I was afraid of being born."

Song Jianguo smiled and said: "The first time I went out, I was nervous, afraid to meet the bad guys." Song Jianguo thought of it as if he had said: "I will show you the luggage, go to the toilet, and have a long distance." ”

According to Song Jianguo, Dou Youcai felt that his stomach had long been like a snare, and he said in his mouth: "Thank you." Hurry and get off the toilet.

Waiting for the bus to open the Rizhao station, to the road, Dou Youcai and Song Jianguo have a lot of familiarity. I’m talking about you one sentence.

Song Jianguo’s hometown is also a mountain village below Yimeng County. Speaking of it, there are only a few dozen miles away from Dou’s wealthy family. Song Jianguo’s father was a teenager in the middle of the revolution. When he liberated Qingdao, he was the battalion commander. The leaders of the army decided to leave some of the cadres to work. The father of Song Jianguo became the first chairman of the third cotton factory.

Song Jianguo was born in Qingdao, went to school, and when the high school broke out, the Cultural Revolution broke out, and the school was interrupted. In response to the national call, he went back to his father's hometown, Yimeng County, to become an educated youth. I returned to Qingdao in 1900, topped my father's class, and worked as a maintenance worker at the weaving workshop of the No. 3 Cotton Factory.

Dou Youcai listened, very emotional. Said: "There are also more educated youths in the village, more than a dozen people."

"Which village are you?"

"Dou Jiayu."

"Doujiatun in the north of Shanggou?"


"Oh, come on, it’s a coincidence. My sister-in-law is in the Doujiatun team."

“Really? It’s too clever.”

"The Qingdao Textile Engineering College you are going to is not far from our home. The students often go to the third factory for an internship. It is a fate to meet you today." Song Jianguo said.

"I am so lucky. I am going to school when I get on the bus. It’s good, it’s up to you." Dou Youcai said gratefully.

"Today, my family didn't come. I would be happy if she saw you. When she was in high school, she applied for the Qingdao Textile Institute. Just after half a year, the "Cultural Revolution" broke out, the students broke the revolution, and the professor entered the cowshed, the school. Disbanded. Oh, it’s a pity. . . . . . . Song Jianguo talked about the "Cultural Revolution" and looked sad and angry.

"Oh, that's a pity." Dou Youcai echoed.

"I don't know when the bus arrives in Qingdao today. If it is dark, go to my house. You leave a squatting room on your ancestors. If you don't have a job after returning to the city, you will open a family hotel with your own house. You are tonight. Just stay at my house, don't worry, I won't charge you for your accommodation. In the evening, with your nephew, Lala, you are a big man, you are old, if you know that you are the place where she went to the countryside, I will definitely end with you. "Song Jianguo said outside the window." go to | the website | additional info | i was | view here


I watched the movement on my feet

My sister is not a sister. After my parents divorced, my father married the current mother. She has a daughter who is one year older than me. My father asked me to call her sister. I gave her a look. I was taller than me. I am a little older article source | this website | next | , I dare let me call her sister, beautiful! I am not calling.

Dad kicked me, not heavy, but I cried, crying is particularly sad, the new mother took me in my arms, the new sister gave me a paper towel, but I don't like the new mother, I force her thighs She didn't call, just pushed me away, and I saw a little cold in my eyes.

In the days that followed, I was not treated as much, the food was the same, the beds were the same, the only difference was that the new mother’s shoes for my sister were usually more expensive than my shoes. I watched the movement on my feet. The shoes are angry, I think the new mother is unfair, and actually gave me the bargain.

As the new mother cooks and her sister walks away, I step on her new shoes and use it to vent my inner dissatisfaction.

However, my movement seems to have been seen by my sister. She did not say anything, but also smiled at me, an idiot.

After a year passed, my sister and I both grew taller, the clothes and shoes were small, and the new mother took us to the *clothes and shoes. Like the last time, the new mother gave me a pair of cheap sneakers and then took my sister. Going to see the shoes, my sister has a pair of expensive shoes, tried it, very beautiful, my envious eyes are on fire.

When I got home, I threw the sneakers on the floor and turned into the room.

The next day, I found out that my sister looked at her shoes with a sorrow and looked at her new mother. "Mom! My shoes are small, you see my feet are worn out." I glanced at me and got a big foot. Bubble, I smiled and laughed. When I was about to walk away, my sister suddenly said, "Mom wear this shoe for my sister! I see her shoes are bigger, I wear her exactly."

Although the new mother was somewhat unhappy, she still agreed.

Inadvertently I got the new shoes especially proud, I thought I had a big bargain, but in the future, my sister bought small shoes. And my shoes were just dressed, which made me suspicious. In one night, I secretly picked up my sister's quilt. The big bubble on her foot is very big. It must be caused by wearing shoes that are not fit. She is wearing my large sneakers?

I found out that I noticed that my sister bought a pair of trumpet when I tried the shoes, and then changed it with me, but my shoes were not big. She was still uncomfortable wearing it, but she was wearing a very happy look. In her smile, I suddenly have a feeling of tears, my sister! These two words have been deeply engraved into my heart. Find Out More | check my reference | weblink


The people in the villages in the north and south villages

In 1974, I was in a village where I encountered a lot of water. I was just eight years old.

In my memory, the ditch in the back of the village is flat, the boundless water is all water, and the water behind the village is flowing to the second stone of the house.

There was an old bridge behind the village. Dashui drowned the bridge early. The two sides were connected by a few thick ropes. One boat was fixed on the link | why not try here | look these up | Learn More | The people in the villages in the north and south villages used boats.

It turns out that in the village where I live, there is a hidden temple in the middle of the ditch. It is only from that time that no one can say it.

There are many people who come to visit the Qingming, June 6 and October.

The land is called flooded. In my memory, there was an old man who planted melons and fruits. The watermelons he planted floated up. From a distance, one watermelon, floating on the water, many, many.

After some days, the water retreated, and there was a lot of water in the ditch and the bay, and there were many fish.

One day, my brother and I went to the bay to catch fish. My father said to me and my second brother: "Don’t steal the bay yourself, don’t catch fish. The old pool building (place name) drowned a child. I didn’t listen to the old man’s words. I stole the next bay. When the child was rescued, it was already mad. It’s called Bay Water, and it’s purple.”

My brother and I saw the water at that time, especially in the bay, and there were a few things to say.

One day, watching my father go uphill, I said to my second brother: "Dad is gone, let's catch the fish, grab a few more, and ask Dad to give us food at noon."

My second brother and I came to the big bay and found a small ditch. The two sides used mud to make a good edge. The small bucket brought the water inside, and a bucket and a bucket were scraped outside.

When the water was blown along, there was a fish inside, including squid, squid, and scutellaria.

The squid is very small, and the average father is good to eat, and jaundice is the freshest. It is best to make soup.

On that day, I caught a lot of fish with my second brother. The fish along the inside had not caught half of it. At this time, my father rushed over.

When I arrived with my second brother, my father didn't say anything else. He told me and my second brother to kneel on the ground. After a while, my father said angrily: "I can't control you both, right? I don't want you to come out to the bay. You just don't listen. I am here to give me a good job here, I am not allowed to give it to me."

My second brother and I were on the ground. My father got enough roots from the tree next to me and took my ass and the second brother's ass.

At this moment, Teacher Zhang did not know who to say, and rushed to the bay here, took a branch from his father and said to his father: "Almost, you see if you take the two children's ass, they know It’s wrong.”

My father turned and left. Teacher Zhang pulled me and my second brother up. "You are also two, no one is accompanying you, don't come to the bay afterwards, how dangerous it is, your father is also worried about you. Get up and go home, Let your father say that you will not be in the bay anymore."

My father's temper is hot, and my brother and I are going home. At that time, there were already three younger brothers.

My father tied me and my second brother with a rope, and hung it on a tree, and asked the younger brother to hold a small stick and said to the third brother: "You give me optimism about them, and whoever moves, they smoke them. ”

My second brother and I were dragged by my father. After a long time, I was thirsty and said to the third brother: "Three, you go to the water of the brothers, okay?"

When the third brother was only five years old, he went to steal water from me and the second brother.

At noon, it is time to have lunch. The third brother said to his father: "Dad, let go of our two brothers, let the two brothers eat first, okay?"

The father said, "Go and let your two brothers down. Let's spare them today, then steal the bay and see how I can clean them up."

The third brother ran over and unlocked the rope between me and my second brother.

The three of us went back to the house, the mother gave us a good fish, and each of us gave a bowl of Huangqi soup. To be honest, the fish at that time was really delicious, green food, really wild.

After remembering, my father asked for two fish nets from Dongying Siyu. There is a small fish net that specializes in catching squid. The big net can catch a larger fish, usually around five or six pounds.

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This is the apricot tree of our family

In the west of our home is the home of the grandfather, and in the south is a neighbor who is a teacher, surnamed Zhang. Teacher Zhang in my memory is very good. At that time, my second brother and I were already in elementary school. The living conditions of Teacher Zhang’s family are good. I often help our family. Sometimes my father can’t get the tuition fees of both of us. Give it to the mat.from this source | try this | look at here now |

The elementary school of my brother and I are not far from our home, just to the west of the home of Fengcai. There is a big bay behind the school. At that time, the water in the bay was very clear, and there were also many fish. My brother and I often secretly went to the bay to take a bath and catch fish.

On the east side of the school, there are a few apricot trees on the south side of the uncle's house. The tree is covered with apricots. It is just that my brother and I go to school every time, and sometimes we steal a few to eat.

Going home, my brother and I talked about the apricots. My father said to us: "These apricot trees were originally planted by me. I went to Dongying these years. It is so big. I will tell your uncle before I go. He will be optimistic about these apricot trees after I left."

My sister Ruiyun asked her father: "It is the apricot tree of our family. When we go home, we should come back to the uncle. You have to explain to the uncle."

The father said: "Forget it, it’s all from the family. For these apricot trees, it’s not good to hurt."

When the apricots were cooked, one day our family was eating. At that time, when there was no wall, they used a wooden stick to tie the bill. In the courtyard, they looked at the grandfather and led the brother Dalong and the sister Fenzi in picking. Apricot, the second brother said that I want to eat apricot. My father looked at me and my second brother. One person gave us a small bowl and said to us: "Go to your uncle, you will do it. He will definitely give it to you."

My second brother and I were very obedient to take the bowl and went.

Big brother is picking up the tree, my sister is underneath, and the uncle is next to it.

My second brother and I stood there with a bowl and stood there, watching them picking up a basket of apricots, and they drooled in their mouths.

After the grandfather and brother picked up the apricots, they went home directly to the basket. My sister, Fenzi looked at us and watched the uncle and brother enter the house. They secretly gave us a few and said to us: Eat home soon, obey." Then I will go home.

A few apricots, my brother and I soon finished eating, did not eat enough, carrying a small bowl, looking at the tall apricot tree, turned under the tree.

All this was clearly seen by the father who was eating. My father was an eager temper, and there was no culture. The bowl that was eating noodles fell to the ground. When he found a long pole from the yard, he ran to those few trees. Under the apricot tree.

My father got on the tree and said to her sister: "Ruiyun, you handed this pole to me, went home and got a basket, hurry."

The sister handed the pole to the father and went home to take the basket.

The father waved a long pole on the tree and knocked it. The apricots and leaves on the tree fell like rain. The father knocked and said, "Children give apricots, you give them some, who has no children? I planted it. I don’t pick apricot today. After I finished it, I immediately killed the apricot tree. Do not believe that you come out and try?”

My sister and my brother were full of baskets under the tree. My father said to my sister, "Send back, come back again. This is the apricot tree of our family. Come on."

At this time, the neighbor Zhang and his mother rushed over and advised his father. "You are too tempered, you are a family. What are you doing? Don't make people laugh."

The father said: "The joke is about them. Is the child going to have a bigger apricot? Do you have a look at this family? Is there something to do?"

Mother and Teacher Zhang took the father who was trying to climb the second tree. The mother said, "You are noisy again, I am leaving with the child, nobody cares about you, how is this temper? Really."

The father didn't go to the tree again. When he left, he dropped the pole and fell back to his home.

After a few days in this matter, the uncle came to my house with some apricots.

Grandpa’s character is exactly the opposite of his father’s character. His temper is slow. When he sat down, he said to his father: “I sent the apricots to the children. You are too anxious that day. Can I give the children apricots? I am ready to finish. Tell the child to send it to you."

The father said, "Okay, don't say anything, things have already gone out. It's too late to say anything. Don't say who is right or wrong? The tree is planted by me. I am entrusting you to take care of it. Today I explained it. I am going to kill these apricot trees."

Grandpa said: "Well, I can't manage you, what do you do is your business, I am leaving."

After saying this, Grandpa went home. At noon, the sister of Fenzi came over. go to this site | additional info | visit the website | Read Full Report


There was a small crater on the floor

The train's whistle sounded and the train stopped. The train head came down with a figure. He looked around and looked at what was being watched? But there is no one around, only the autumn yellow plants. A long-lost classic car parked in a small forest not far away - Xinya green weeds are full, especially the green moss on the car shell, the glass of the classic car is gone, the rusty car is not the same car shell . Hushen’s old man picked up the rifle in the train and seemed to be wary of the front...

Hushen’s old man came to the train station navigate to this site | linked here | his comment is here | . The station was hit by the shells, and the collapsed walls were dumped in the corridors of the train station. No one is empty, it seems deserted. The sun in the evening glows bright, but there is no warmth in such a place. Husong old man clenched his rifle in the hand.

The floor was hit by a cannonball, and there was a small crater on the floor. The old man was carefully bypassed. The footsteps echoed in the empty, unmanned train corridor—it was too quiet here, and even the footsteps were clear and audible. There was a drop in the floor and the stones were everywhere. When Hu Shi was old, he heard a sound coming from the depth of the train corridor. He grabbed the rifle in his hand. Carefully put on the shackles.

In the station, it looks dark and neutral. Hushen old people came to the train station from the train corridor. He searched for the sound to come to the dark empty train station. There is no light at the station, and the light from the doors and windows on the walls of the train station can only be used to identify the inside.

Husang old age, looking for the sound deeper and deeper, the darkest place in the train station.


A strange voice seems to be very close to the old age. Depending on the old age of Hu's scum, the sound that could not be heard clearly, finally heard it clearly - it seems strange. The old man of Hu Shi looked at the source of the sound. A black lacquer, the hairy creature on the body is in front of the old man. Hu Zhuang’s old man quickly retreated to the place where the train station was well lit.


The sound seems to follow, and it seems that I found the old man. The old man of Hushui quickly grasped the gun in his hand and pointed it at the place where the sound came, and let the light from the window of the train station shine as much as possible.

As the light shines, this creature with strange sounds finally shows up. The figure is like a human, but it can't be said to be a human. It is covered with black hair. It has a big mouth on its face. It seems that it has just eaten a live creature. As for what it eats, no one knows. However, at this time, the old scum of the scum clenched the rifle in his hand, and it seems that the front is not a good thing.

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There is a big aunt who is not married

In the 1980s, rural farming was not advanced now. Most of them were labored by hand. There were several tractors. It was still in the team. There were very few cattle and horses. There was no need to mention the tiredness of the world. In this way, the countryside envied the lives of people in the city, and even envied those formal workers, iron rice bowls. Everything is trying to go to the city.

    In Shaoshan, Dongshan, there is a village flower Shao Aiying.great post to read | browse around this web-site | my response | I haven’t married yet in the 30th year of this year. In the countryside, I usually lead the doll to run at the age of seventeen or eight. How can the village flower not be married until 30? It’s not that people are not beautiful. Not people are not smart. It is because her peers have become non-agricultural, some have married a city, and have not planted land at home. I don't know how many big people are going to give me an introduction. As long as they are not in the city, they will not be the same. Women marrying people is an important turning point in life. Marrying a rich person may be a happy life and envy.

    Shao Aiying also has a brother and an old mother, and a ten-year-old nephew. The family of five has been together. There is a big aunt who is not married yet, and the two brothers are watching the old mother. Unhappy, but can not say that, at that time, the rations of various households were not so sufficient, and sometimes they had to go to other people's homes to borrow food, so those who did not want to eat at home had less, and when they were working, they had more people. Scorpion also asked Shao Aiying from time to time: "Thirty this year!" In fact, this is what the family knows. Her intention is to remind Shao Aiying that you are remarried.

    Shao Aiying and so on have really waited, there is a city person, non-agricultural, the size of the steel factory is also an official, no parents, widowed with a five-year-old son. The two matchmakers from the village’s Wang matchmaker met. The city is called Zhang Tao and his son is Zhang Qiangguo. Zhang Tao has no choice for Shao Aiying. A Huanghua big niece is married to her own. Although it is a rural hukou, it is not a problem. After the marriage, the hukou falls, not the city. Shao Aiying also knows that he is old enough, and he can't find a young man to marry. He is also a stepmother. No matter what will happen in the future, it seems that Shao Aiying is waiting for happiness.

    There was no opinion at both ends. I was asked to choose a good day, and Jiri got married. Zhang Tao took Shao Aiying’s account* to the city and gave her a bicycle. At that time, there was a family of bicycles. It was very few, only rich people. There is only in the family. If there is anything to use the bicycle, it is necessary to borrow from other people’s homes, but also to see if people are happy to borrow. Although Shao Ailing is now a non-agricultural hukou, Zhang Tao is very fond of her, that is, she does not arrange work for her. She said that it is a woman who wants to teach at home, what does not need to be done, and earning money is a man’s business. Shao Aiying is a family member. The identity of the family was admitted to the family's home.

    A year later, Shao Ai Ying gave birth to a son named Zhang Qiangmin. It didn't take long for Shao Aiying's mother to die.

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The four wheels are made of wood

The new semester began again, and Shanshan’s right eye was still blurry and curved. Fortunately, the left eye is normal, so the life of Shanshan does not have much impact.

After returning from the winter vacation, the students all said their own opinions. When some students talked about the town, they saw the car flying on the road, and they were so envious of Shanshan discover this | like this | find out here now | .

"Beep - Duo--" Xia Laifu pushed a wooden car into the classroom. The classmates are cheering around.

The car is not simple in the eyes of Shanshan. The four wheels are made of wood and are placed on two wooden shafts. The front axle has a T-shaped steering wheel. The body is a wooden board, and the rear end is fixed with iron nails. On the shaft, a hole is made in the front end, and the steering wheel is placed in the hole to grasp the direction.

"Come on, can this car sit?" asked the lens.

"Of course." Xia Laifu sat on the board and held the steering wheel with his feet on both ends of the front axle. He shouted: "Drive." His black table at the same table supported his shoulder and pushed the car.

"I will try it, let me try it." The students are vying to sit down.

At this time, President Mo came in and saw the car, appreciating: "What a good wooden car, who invented?"

"Xia Laifu." The students said in unison.

Xia Lai is a bit embarrassed to touch his head.

President Mo patted his shoulder and said, "It's not bad. If you learn to be so motivated, you will become a great inventor like Edison."

Xia Laifu looked at the principal and was very excited.

Shanshan thought: How can I not think of doing a car? Going home must also be one, to be bigger than Xia Laifu.

At noon, after school, I returned to my home. Shanshan told the lens to the idea. The two hit it off and immediately took the saw and climbed up the hill. Four thick wooden wheels were sawed on a piece of maple stake, and a straight stone bent wood was cut into the axles, which was modeled after Xia Laifu's car. A week passed and a wooden car was taken out by the two of them. Of course, Shanshan’s father also helped them both.

When Shanshan and the lens rushed back to school, several wooden cars drove up the playground.

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