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It is because of fear of facing the future

Every time I pass by a kindergarten, I will hear the complaints of my friends: “I really envy those children, carefree every day, unlike us, full of trouble.”

Who year after year was looking forward to growing up, stealing lipstick from her mother, stepping on high heels and dancing awkwardly in front of the mirror? why not try here | websites | see page | And now, who is repelling growth and ignoring maturity, he is trying to return to his childhood?

People are really a combination of contradictions, but the years will not make everything come back because of your contradictions.

I look at my friend so negative and pessimistic, patted her on the shoulder, comforted: "You can't just disturb yourself, put down your troubles, keep your childlike innocence, and nobody will say you are naive on Children's Day every day!"

Childhood stands for the past. What you have always remembered is all the little beautiful things in your life. You will always remember, but it is because of fear of facing the future.

When you are 20 years old, you will miss your childhood, know your company, and dance with butterflies. It's innocent.

When you are 30 years old, you will miss your 20-year-old self, full of vitality, and energetic, tossing life upside down;

When you are 40 years old, you will miss 30-year-old self, 30 stands, and shoulders are sweet...

In the past, people always worried about what was going on. Unknown people always make people uneasy. As a result, you let memories control your life. You can't go back to the past and you can't step into the future. You've been in circles and you've missed a lot of wonderful scenery.

Last weekend, I had the privilege of attending a sharing session for entrepreneurs.

It's hard to imagine that the eyebrow dancer on the stage told us about his successful entrepreneurial experience. He was a poor man who fell into the trough four years ago. Four years ago, his first venture failed and he owed more than 7 million yuan. He sold the house, the car was mortgaged, the bank loan was not paid off, and the supplier chased him ass. Debt collection.

He was once caught in anxiety and panic. He borrowed money from the West, scrapped the iron pots, and was heavily in debt. He often did not get enough food, and a large family also suffered with him. At that time, in order to borrow money and sell miserably every day, he bragged about how powerful his entrepreneurship was, complaining about his bad luck, and the bottom of his life was falling or falling.

In the beginning, relatives and friends were able to help and help, but the number of misfortunes sold was higher. Relatives and friends who were no matter how good relations also started to bother him. He relied on the remedy of his relatives to die every day. He always regretted the mistake during his career and made mistakes. moved here | more tips here | click here for more info | useful reference


Grandfather is not the same

Every summer, I go to the superxafs to buy a bunch of different brands and different types of mosquito coils, until the lockers in my home are stuffed. Jian Wen is often puzzled. There are no mosquitoes in the family and why mosquito coils must be spotted.

He guessed that my sleep was probably not good and the mosquito coils had a good sleep. One evening, I saw a fragrant lamp that looked very high on the bedside. I was wise to walk in front of me. I was proud to say that this lamp was bought on the Internet for more than 2000 yuan. Helps to sleep.

I suddenly did not fight one place, let him sleep on the couch overnight. Since then, I have been sleeping every night with the "sleep lamp". Nothing else. click reference | More hints | click this | continue reading this It's really expensive!

On summer nights, I often took a small bamboo bed and took a ride under the big tree at the door of my family's house. Next to the big bamboo bed, my grandfather liked to smoke, so he sat on my ankle. Before you go to bed, you will always order two pieces of mosquito repellent, one under my headboard, one under my feet, and then I will catch a fan to help me drive the mosquitoes. Gradually, I’m fascinated That kind of taste.

While lying down, Yao will let me count the stars in a few days, count the number, and I fall asleep in the mosquito coils and fragrance. Every time I wake up, I find myself lying in my bedroom bed as if it was a dream last night.

I went to the village next door with my grandpa to see Huangmei Opera. I would move a small bench and a group of little children to follow behind. Every time there were performances, there were many small vendors gathered here to sell candied squash and spicy strips. Ice cream, drinks, and lots of delicious food that I haven't seen on weekdays.

Grandpa likes to sit in the back position when watching a movie, which is convenient for smoking. He took his legs and looked at the play very seriously. He sometimes laughed and silenced. He looked at me from time to time.

At the end of the play, he would put me over his head and sit on his shoulder. As a "human superior," I saw audiences under the stage take their own hearts to the stage to thank the actors for sending eggs, fruits, fresh vegetables, and pickled pickles.

Grandfather is not the same, his atmosphere, carrying me through the crowd did not hesitate to plug two dollars into the "heart box", that is, he smoked two packs of yang cigarette smoke.

When I asked my grandfather when he started smoking, he said that he was 14 years old and could not afford it. He knows himself well, even if he doesn't give up smoking after getting sick.

The memory between my grandfather and my grandfather was really small. He was sick when I was a little older, walked slowly, gasped, and tempered more than before.

At that time, Grandma and Grandpa opened a small grocery store. From the grocery store to the house where we live, it took only two minutes to walk. Grandpa had to walk for ten minutes. At that time, I was not sensible. I always said that he was slow and he often learned how to walk on crutches.

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The mother who was responsible for the examination

You must have eaten octopus. I am talking about the octopus that was able to be eaten during the Chinese New Year in that time. A peddler and a weigher are on the car. In addition to selling octopus, there is also a neighborhood aunt. Buy this stuff and rely on this, see how many people in your family, aunt specifically responsible for checking, put it now called the right to review.

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For the fish seller, only the aunt can take you to the city to enter the hospital, or who knows what you are doing? In fact, the people at that time were very simple and honest. Any one of them was stricken by the disaster and hungry and thirsty. The door to the door was screaming, uncle and aunt, and there was enough water for the two to eat. Talk about two to talk, do not want to talk, you can wipe it away. True giving, true good. At that time, not only was the octopus, but also cigarettes. When they were in the New Year, they went to the Assorted Garden to line up to buy cigarettes and small birds (that is, jade). At that time, the octopus was basically natural, non-polluting and was said to be unlucky. Basically, it was only possible to go to the city. The suburbs were rare, and rural areas were not even able to see the bones.

    When people are hungry, everything is fragrant. It is estimated that it was a long body, or that it was too bad to eat. Every day I had a very special expectation for something to eat. For a while, I went to pray. “If Tianhe will descend from his office and the Sri Lankan people, he must first suffer from his own aspirations, hungry his body, empty his body, and pervert his actions...” I think that when we were young, basically, Mencius said that it was a big office to come today. It was nothing more than living, responsible living, and pursuing pursuit.

    The mother who was responsible for the examination and approval was gone. The xafs was revitalized. The full hutongs were pulling carts to sell them. The sage said, "The fish and the bear's paw can't have both." Visible fish should be juxtaposed with bear's paws. At present, the width is at least mostly bearish, but I can't really say it. I don't believe it. these details | Click Here | explanation | my sources


The mother Wang took a good apple

The dark clouds in the sky rolled over and covered the bright sunshine. The earth seems to be covered with a layer of fog, hazy, blurred and ambiguous. Using this to describe Wang Xueyan and her family can no longer be apt. Although the sunshine is now so beautiful, the best day of the official year, because tomorrow is New Year's Eve. Every household has a bright light and a happy atmosphere. However, Wang Xueyan’s family is like a thick layer of fog that is inseparable. This layer of fog separates the festive and hopeful sunshine that the New Year brings. Everything that is beautiful is far away from them. Desperation is far from heartbreaking. They don't know when they can have fun again. look at here now | visit here | Click This Link | why not find out more | Maybe they can never have it.

    In the room, Wang Xueyan still lies in bed as always. Her hair was scattered, as though she had not combed for a long time. Her body was sold and her face was pale and she was not angry. A pair of empty eyes stared blankly at the ceiling. A few months ago, she was a sixth-grade primary school student in Q City and was the most hopeful student in the eyes of her teacher. Every year, there are three good students who are not her. Other awards are countless. Just as she imagined the future and was about to fly high, a disaster brought her into an abyss. Wang Xueyan was ill and a sudden major illness almost killed her. It was finally difficult for her to finally escape from the claws of death, but the god of fate made a joke to her and she became blind. Everything has become zero and nothing has existed. Wang Xueyan could not accept this fact. She hated the sky and why she did not let her die in the illness. Since letting her live, why should she make such a big joke with her. She is disgusted with fate. It is the fateful fate that destroys the beautiful world in her heart.

    The mother Wang took a good apple and gently pushed Wang Xueyan's door. She watched her daughter look like this now and could not help tearing again.

  "Xiaoyan, don't do this, come and eat some fruit. You will get sick sooner or later in the bed all day long." The mother said to her daughter distressedly.

    Wang Xueyan still stared at the ceiling, not moving.

  "Xiaoyan, no matter what you do, my mother will always be with you. Come and have some apples." The Queen's voice sobbed.

    Wang Xueyan finally turned her head to her mother. Her empty eyes were in the direction of her mother. She wanted to see her mother. Unfortunately, she could no longer see it. More than that, she would also like to look at this beautiful world again and would like to pick up a brush and paint all the beautiful things in the world. This has always been her dream. However, this dream finally shattered. Wang Xueyan slowly extended her hand to her mother and took the apple from her mother and gently bit it. The sweet flesh went into the mouth and became full of bitterness, making it difficult to swallow. She was eager to eat the apple and rest assured of the mother, but she really didn't want to eat anything.

    "Mom, no, nothing is gone... You said I was like this. What else can you do?" Wang Xueyan said weakly.

  "No, you still have parents, we will stay with you. Xiaoyan, ah, my parents are only your daughter, you must be cheering. Ah, if you go on like this, you let your parents do it. "The Queen Mother said while wiping her tears.

    “Yeah!” Wang Xueyan again took Apple to her lips and slowly began to eat. She knew that her mother was watching her. She couldn’t bear to let her mother push her door open with hope again and again and walked out of her disappointedly. s room.

  The Queen Mother watched her daughter eat an apple and finally revealed a gratified face. he has a good point | browse around here | best site | find


I was confused and struggling between going

I was afraid of rain. Even the smallest raindrops could upset me because it was on this rainy day that I lost my loved one. He was far away from home, and he took the affection in the morning when he left. He had already taken it in the afternoon. When the train went away, he said he would never return. I didn't ask why because I didn't have a chance.

However, he is back now and he can't wait to call me. He said he wanted to see me and wanted to miss it. At the moment of receiving his phone call, I almost could not hold my mobile phone and couldn't get excited. Mouth, just listen to him say old place, the phone hangs up.

The moment I let go of the cell phone, I was like being hit by a hole in the room. he has a good point | view it now | check | their explanation | I stood there with a woody heartbeat, holding my hands to my mobile phone. Gently rubbing the phone's shell with your fingertips, repeatedly, trying to use this simple and repetitive action to get back the inner peace.

How did he come back? I sigh in my heart. One morning, I was confused and struggling between going and not going. After a long time after work, I hurriedly picked up my bag and went out.

I found out after the door that there was not much rain outside. I didn't have an umbrella, but I walked in the rain. The cool rain poured on my body and it made me feel as if my world had become The dark gray, I decided to go to him at this moment and asked clearly why he abandoned me.

After the decision, I stepped up and suddenly there was an umbrella covering my head. I looked back to see her husband's panting face. He smiled and said, "Oh, it's all wet! Let's go. Let's take a taxi back. "When my husband stepped forward and grabbed my shoulders, I unnaturally struggled and said:" One of my colleagues is ill and there is an important document on her. I'm going to pick it up. You'll go back first. "He took a hard look at the world and said with worry:" What important documents are it! Tomorrow is not enough?"

"It's very important, I must go, you go back first!" When I said I fled under the umbrella and was preparing to throw it away, my husband grabbed my arm and put the umbrella into my hand and said, "You have an umbrella Go, I'm going to have a big man and it's okay." He waved at me, ran into the rain and fog, and looked at his back. My heart hesitated. If he really loved me, I wouldn't tell you then. No, if my husband's love for me is a little less, he will not hand me the umbrella. My footsteps catch up with her husband uncontrollably, and she almost repents in his arms and says: "No matter what, don't go today. It."

The husband laughed and stared at me in the rain and fog. It was strange that I actually felt the rain was no longer annoying and it was still a bit romantic. why not try this out | linked here | go | read this


The story at the same table was ups

I hate neon lights, just like I hate the prosperity of the city. The more I grew up, the more I feel sad. I have imagined more than once. If time can go backwards, I will definitely choose to stay in that quiet village, that ordinary middle school. Because there is my youth, there is also a glimmer of sadness in my youth.

Some people say that it is a good time to remember the best of your youth. When you think about it, I always want to revisit the stories we once had and come back to meet you, starting with what your name is.

The first time I met was late summer. important source | continue reading this | pop over to this site | The hot weather has converged, and the harsh sunlight is not as crazy as it was a few months ago. Occasionally, a few breeze blows, cool and uncomfortable. When I first entered secondary school, I was inevitably excited and I was playing around. At this time, you appeared in front of me. You carried a light red schoolbag and stopped around on campus. It was like looking at the scenery of the campus. Next to your parents, Auntie is beautiful. You are the same.

I never knew what kind of sensation it was. But on that occasion, I swear I was praying and prayed that we would be classmates until you turned to my eyes and I smiled and woke up.

This is an unfamiliar grade. I only know one former classmate, but I don't care at all. When I enter the class, I look back and forth at every face in the class. How I hope your face will suddenly Into my eyes, but I was disappointed, I did not find you, a sense of loss in the heart of the loss.

However, after all, you and I are destined. My loss has not completely ended. You walk into the classroom. It is still that light red school bag. It is still the smiling face. When you were seated in a certain seat, I shouted "yes" in my heart. I was overjoyed at the watch. The classmates next to me asked me what was wrong. I was also a giggling smile.

The class introduced myself. I didn't care about any other name, and Xia Shiya was deeply imprinted in my mind. I couldn't erase it.

I think I must have accumulated a lifetime in my life. Otherwise, I will not be the first time to make a seat at the same table.

"Hello, my name is Xia Shiya." I didn't think that you would take the initiative to talk to me. I didn't think of it. In a word, I indulged myself into being unable to extricate myself.

"Hello, my name is Mei Yixuan."

In this way, I met you. I just didn't think that this understanding disturbed my youth and panicked my life.

That year, Adele's noise wafted in every street. In the cool early autumn, people still wore thin clothes. That year we became the best friend. The story at the same table was ups and downs. It was like it was rendered transparent. It made our story sweet and sour.

You are a sensual girl and there are many stories, so I became your most sincere listener. The youth at that time did not know what it was like but just felt that he was slowly indulging in the story or the author of the story.

I like to attend class more and more because I like you to be with me. Only when the second seat was shown, I discovered that we were separated. You are on the left, I am on the right, you are in front, I am in the back, from the most intimate distance into a distant place. I was suddenly scared. I was afraid that I would not be used to days without your story, and I feared that your new co-benefits would replace me as your closest friend.

Maybe you are a loved one, or maybe God is sorry for me. Our relationship has been kept fresh. In class, I will involuntarily look to your new location and class. You will come and share a new story with me. No one can think of it, because of one of my new friends, our friendship will undergo a major test.

The winter came quickly. The blister outside the school had a thin layer of ice. The sun at noon was a little red, and it covered the entire campus as if it were a light red wedding dress. At a time when lunch was idle, the girls in the class discussed the endless chatter of the entertainment circle Zhang Jie and Xie Na. The boys were speculating about the Miami Heat for the NBA Christmas game. I sit there boringly, look at a network novel, you sit beside me, seriously looking at a foreign literature that I am not very interested in. This has become a habit of tacit understanding every day, but I just can't think this habit will end so fast.

Meng Xiaoyu is my new tablemate. Our relationship is also good, but it is far from being so deep. Later that night, I had a joke with me. I sat on the right side with Meng Xiaoyu. The classmate on the left did not come and sat down with you. It was as if the original story between us had suddenly come to an episode and I was caught off guard.

Maybe I shouldn't be at the same table with Meng Xiaoyu, or maybe I shouldn't say too much with Meng Xiaoyu so much that until now, I found that Meng Xiaoyu used to have me, just as I was used to having you.

That night, the power outage came suddenly and the class quickly played frantically. The three of us were no exception. We talked and laughed. You suddenly said that the recent essay did not win and was very sad. I said, don't forget what I said to you at the beginning. I said that I will support you whenever I want to. I couldn’t think that Meng Xiaoyu would be angry, nor could I think she would say that I didn’t tell her this sentence. I wouldn’t even think about it. She would ask what kind of girl I like. I couldn't see your expression at that time. I just remember that we were all silent. visit this site right here | hop over to this website | more info here | view


the sun is still fiercer than in the morning

The first day of military training was full of expectations. Before he came here, he heard that the university’s military training life was very difficult. Although my heart was ready before, but after a morning of devil-like torture, I was obviously overwhelmed. And today's weather is very hot, plus the sun shines intensely. One morning, I find that my skin is red, uncomfortable, and obviously sunburned.

During the lunch break, Mi Lu came to the dormitory to find me. At the sight of me, I kept telling me what she had done with the president last night. I am very tired, lying in bed, listening quietly. She recalled that she confessed to the president last night that the president resolutely rejected her and wished that she would find someone who was more suitable for her. pop over to this web-site | her response | visit our website | more info here | She pretended to be very sad, looked at me all the time, shaking her with both hands, and then started shouting. "How did I die so hard, I finally found someone I liked and I haven't started yet. How did you play, heaven, where is my love?"

People in the dormitory couldn't help but smile when they heard it. Today, everyone was trained so hard that she was so troubled that she felt a lot of trouble. Life is so hard and happy. "Don't shake it. I'll be dizzy if I shake it again." I said, standing up. Pushing the rice dew and saying, "Let's go and have a nap, go ahead and train in the afternoon." Mi Lu refused to walk, and she was struggling to say, "You are not in love. You can't comfort me." Pushed to the door, I looked at her very seriously and said, "If you are really sad and sad, I will comfort you." Mi Lu smiled. "But the premise is true love, do you fall in love with him?" After listening to the latter half of the words, Mi Lu deliberately stomping her feet, dressed like angry away. After my dew walked, I lay in bed and fell asleep with my eyes closed.

The afternoon sun is extremely "righteous," and the sun is still fiercer than in the morning. The instructor did not allow us to stand in a military position. The station was half an hour. Since I didn't like to use sunscreen, I didn't buy it. When I was standing in the army, my focus was on my face and it hurts. I was a sweaty person. Soon after, the sweat was wet all over my body. There was a lot of sweat on my face and my eyes were uncomfortable with sweat. I had to close my eyes. Who knows just closed, the instructor will stand in front of me, shouted at me, "open, no one would close your eyes!" My heart is not a taste of this kind of thing, can only insist on teeth. I thought for a long time that half an hour was a long time. Is it time that the time has come, but the instructor has forgotten to remind?

The scenery in front of me is getting more and more blurred, and the surroundings are quiet, just when I thought I was going to fall. There was a dark shadow in front of me. When I realized that I was a man, I had to subconsciously support him. What I was upset was that my foot was very soft and hemp, and that body was very heavy. As a result, I directly supported him and paralyzed it. I regret very much that I overestimated my strength. It wasn’t me who fell. It's a miserable thing. It also requires knee injury training. After this incident, I still have to bite my teeth and insist on training.

Later I learned that it was a boy who fell, and he seemed to be very good. My understanding of him was heard from others. I was mentally confused and didn't even know his gender. I only knew that this person was very heavy, and my knees were sore. Besides, when I fell down I only saw his back of the head, his face directly kissed the ground and fell, if not I Yeah, his Huayin moonlight is ruined. I am envious of his situation. He can rest in his bed during military training.

In the following month, the station's military posture for one hour was a must-eat daily dish. Interspersed with a variety of dinners, such as let you run 10 laps at night, so that your feet always keep playing in the forward position, I forgot how my legs are shaking to go and persist, only know the foot Once you touch the ground, you have to add time. Military training was even forgotten by anyone who was even his own. Every time after practicing the instructor's teachings, he must be physically active at night. The instructor insisted that we do push-ups and sit-ups. Every time before we do it, we would laugh and say to us, “I really admire you and I can practice abdominal muscles.” After listening to him, we were all reluctant. I looked at the instructor in the hidden bitterness and thought, I don't want my abs. I only need to live.

Because of the high-intensity training of the military training, every time she rests, she sleeps in bed, and people who don't know are thought to be fainted. I couldn't sleep and stay safe. One night, in the middle of the night, I suddenly remembered the whistle of the emergency assembly. All the people in our dormitory, apart from anything else, went straight down and put on their clothes.

When I ran to the usual gathering place, I found that everyone was very embarrassed. Some people forgot to wear hats. Some people ran shoes barefoot. Some girls ran out with their hair scattered. Whatever they look like, instructors. Looking at us like this, we did not laugh, but we looked seriously and angrily: "Whoever's grooming isn't well done, Your Majesty!" The result left two-thirds of the people. The instructor also said, “Which are the last 10 people, Your Majesty!” The result was that many people were left behind. In the end, there were four people in our dormitory. The instructors looked at us and said, “You are a collective and look at yourself. Did the comrade-in-arms be punished?” Once the instructor finished, we all fell. The boys had 100 push-ups, and the girls had 50 push-ups. Some of them were able to finish it easily. Some of them were struggling to finish, and some of them were finally lying on the ground. I don't want to give up, so after the dozen or so, I couldn't hold up every hand, and the whole person was kneeling on the ground. The people who finished were all cheering us up. I suddenly felt very warm and the people in our class were united. After we finished, the instructor taught us for half an hour before we let us go. When we disbanded, it was already 5 am and there was an hour and a half of training again. But I still did not give up the opportunity to sleep, slept, until the alarm clock at 6 o'clock I wake up.

In the month of military training, my appearance has undergone earth-shaking changes. Before me, I was black. Because of this skin problem, no less laughed at by rice. Although it was very tired during the military training, it also became a peak period for everyone to post microblogging and talk. And I have never liked to send these things. This time is no exception. Mi Lu is different from me. I'm just the opposite. She likes to send Weibo. She will not let go of anything trivial. Because of this, as a good friend of her, I can always appear in her microblog in the form of words or pictures. The photo I wanted to delete in my lifetime had achieved her CTR. On several occasions, I was angry and ignored her for a month. She just started to know it wrong, very sincerely apologized to me and promised not to send my photos to Weibo without my permission. However, such guarantees are not used at all. Now I am used to it. Instead, I feel that recording every moment of life is an act of enjoyment and sharing. Not too concerned about the image of the lady she established was blackened by Mi Lu. use this link | Extra resources | the original source


My classmates have been ridiculing me

Mi Lu and I, with their family members' joyful delivery, marched into the train station together with the embarrassment of university life. Just after I got on the train, my tears couldn't help but drop, and my mood was driven by me. Due to the presence of other passengers, both of us lowered their hats and hugged each other. The train opened, and I seemed to see the figure of my dear family standing on a hill far away from the window.

Mi Lu and I were both the first time to go. We are unfamiliar with the city of Wuhan. It is normal for us to miss our family in other places. I usually love to quarrel with my younger brother and sister at home. It's not good for them. Now I think I can't live with them. like this | link | Visit Your URL | When I separate, I only know how much I miss my family. Since Mi Lu and I were both Luchi, my sister bought me a map before leaving and told me to go to the police. The younger brother said, “When you have a cell phone in hand, you can still lose talent. Remember to send me a place to reach your destination! Let me see if you can find a place.” Although the younger brother's words are somewhat rushed, he can’t conceal it from me. Concerned, despite quarrelling with him last night, he still sent me. My father and mother worried about my safety and had to send me personally, but I was rejected, so they didn't sleep well for a night. On the way to take me to the station, I repeatedly emphasized the security issue, which made me one of the first two, and my brother and sister just looked at me and giggled. Well, in order to prevent them from worrying about me, I have been extremely serious about them and said, rest assured, I am already an adult, and I will pay attention! But the more I say this, the more they do not trust! In fact, it was a happy thing to be married to my parents, but I did not know until then. People always know how to cherish only when they lose, and they never cherish when they own it.

The train was crowded with people and the smell was unpleasant, but everyone seemed to get used to it and chatted with each other. I also chatted with Mi Lu. I just started talking about the life of high school. I accidentally talked to Jiang Tian. My emotions fell instantly. My dew knew that I didn't want to talk about his topic. She also told me a lot about Wuhan University. I didn't pay attention to it at that time. My thoughts flew to my hometown and I thought about what happened in the past. It took me more than ten hours to reach Mi Lu and I arrived in Wuhan.

As soon as we got out of the station, we were stunned by the bustle of the city. Mi Lu took out her mobile phone to take pictures. I hadn't recovered and was shot into the camera. Mi Lu immediately sent it to the camera. Bo Shang, I was not good at the moment, and I suddenly realized that my image was terrible. I sat in the car for a night and my hair became messy. It was similar to the homeless people on the roadside. . When I noticed, it was too late, and my brother who was surfing the Internet immediately laughed. Twitter's click-through rate is suddenly tens of thousands. My classmates have been ridiculing me for this matter for many years. But one person has always treasured this picture until I met him again to know that his love for me was so deep. Well, the image of the lady I’ve been working hard to maintain is completely ruined. I knew that it was useless to say something at that time. In my heart, I licked Mi Lu tens of thousands of times, and Mi Luar felt my anger. She ran and ran. I didn't chase because Mi Lu's luggage was still in me. She Can't run.

Milu sees that I don’t chase after her. I feel very strange. After I understand it, I come back idly and ask me to say, “Don’t be angry. I’m wrong. I’m not going to dare anymore. I’ll ask you to eat one. Didn't I have dinner for the week?” I ignored her, and she said generously. “Well, I'll pack your food for a month!” After listening to what she said, I only said, “This is what you said. I didn't force you to speak of what I could do.” Mi Lu suddenly shouted to the sky. “Ah, how can I be so pitiful? My snacks for a year are gone.” The passers-by laughed after hearing them. I also laughed at her funny appearance.

We sat on the school bus and arrived at the school. When I arrived at the school, I took several pictures and sent it to my family. They knew that after I arrived at the school smoothly, my concerns were eased. The school is beautiful and filled with classical and modern atmosphere everywhere. We had volunteers coming over to receive us. With their help, we successfully entered the school. Since I was different from Mi Lu, we were assigned to different dormitory buildings. I lived in 6 buildings and she lived. 4 buildings. On this day, Mi Lu and I were busy preparing supplies and cleaning dormitories. I had not eaten all day. Until 9 pm, I realized that I had not eaten. When I went out to eat with rice noodle, I was not familiar with the school road. We couldn’t find it for a long time. We went to a beautiful villa outside the school. There were many expensive flowers and cherry blossoms. The flowering period of cherry blossoms has passed, and this villa looks elegant and noble under these scenery.

Suddenly a boy ran into me and I was misunderstood. I asked if we came to tell the president of the school grass. I was irritated by others for the first time and I was very angry. Mi Lu was an impatient child. The moment, they shouted, "You're sick, we're just lost, tired only a day to find a place to eat, almost starved to death, who has the energy to see the school grass, your brain is not kicked by the donkey "Mi Lu said this way, but it was to irritate the other person, and he had to teach Mi Lu. He was trying to fan a hand and Mi Lu. When I saw it, I blocked it, but that slap did not land on me." On the body, it was stopped by others in the air. When I looked up, I saw a very cold face. The man was very tall, about one-nine-nineths. He was extremely handsome. He was dressed in a black resting suit and had a bit of wet hair, indicating that he had just strenuous exercise. I used to think that Jiang Tian’s looks were the best. Who knows this man is more of a delicacy, as if he is not a man of the world, handsome and indescribable. Especially when I look into his eyes, I feel very mysterious, and for a moment I was fascinated by him. click for info | that site | Read Full Article | hop over to this website | directory


I made an extremely important decision

I wanted to write a novel a long time ago, but for many reasons I haven’t started writing. This time due to playing video games and winning a notebook, he decided to start the operation. I think that the reason why I haven’t written anything yet is probably because I’m afraid that after I started writing,additional info | my link | More hints | I would just like to “seven words in six days” like Song Dandan’s skit. It would be a joke; In that way, after shouting for a long time, only a beginning was written; it was more likely that he feared that he would not be able to publish after his writing and would show his weakness. Of course, the most fear was that he would be discouraged by the lack of readers after his publication.

In fact, all sorts of excuse only indicate one problem. You don't like it. You don't want it! This is what a girl said to me. Therefore, I decided to change myself. Therefore, I made an extremely important decision. Because of this decision, I had the material of this novel.

The novel mainly describes Cheng Hua’s story of going to a soldier after graduating from college. In the story, Cheng Hua described the feelings that Cheng Hua saw and heard during recruits, privates, and upper-level soldiers, mainly by narrating and inserting Syria, highlighting the image of the protagonist Cheng Hua’s gradual maturity.

Gorky said: "The books are the ladder of human progress!" I do not know that this book can be a few centimeters thick, but I know that if I step on it, I will be closer to the sky! try this web-site | More Help | review | hop over to here


The mother listened to this as if she was on a sunny day

The bride-ticketing ceremony cost him his savings. After the marriage, she had a child and she worked as a full-time mother. The income of her husband and mother-in-law working in the county was spent on her and her children.

They quarreled very fiercely that day, and the mother-in-law also came and heard the wind, despite the ins and outs of her husband, said impetuously: “My daughter has been with you since you let her spend a good day of her? All day long by your anger, but also by your mother's anger, the family on her an outsider ... ... "Reverse to accept the mother-in-law listened to it is not a taste! “This time my relatives are not right. her response | check this site out | basics | this hyperlink | You eliminate the fire and drink in the advanced house.” Her mother was afraid of neglecting her family.

“This time we must make it clear that we cannot wrong my daughter! Let’s just say at the door, if you do something wrong, don’t be afraid of other people’s jokes.” The relatives are not helpless.

When the mother-in-law listened to this, she seemed to be a bit old. She said helplessly: “Sister, this time I blamed me. I’ll move away in a few days, split it, and let the young couple live in peace! We don’t mix it later. How are you?

The son listened to the mother-in-law and his mother said so much coldness to the bottom of the trough. When the mother cherished the younger son, her mother had suffered from her mother-in-law. The middle-aged son finally had a few days of good days. Who knew that his father had not been there? After leaving the widow orphans and leaving, the mother pulls herself up and looks at her adulthood, marriage and childbirth. The mother is finally married to a married woman and she thought she could have a good time for her mother. A Lafayette came to the house and got homeless! He hates himself! I hate myself when I didn't polish my eyes! Hate yourself not capable! He said weakly: "This time it is not my mother's business or my mother-in-law's business. This is our business. We deal with it ourselves. Let's go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow! Don't delay your youth."

The mother listened to this as if she was on a sunny day! The stupid silly wife did not seem to have imagined that she had been told by her husband that she would divorce every day. At this moment, the brain is blank, and although it is common to quarrel and love to say this, I did not expect to give her husband so much pressure! Originally they wanted to suppress their mother and son so that they could speak more at home.

The mother-in-law opened her mouth first: “Aren, I’m not looking down on you. I’m divorced on this condition and I don’t even want to find my daughter-in-law. My daughter is still young now. She can still find her good family in this society. The province has delayed my daughter. I don’t want to see my daughter suffer in this family again.” As soon as the words were finished, Axia, who was still standing, left.

The mother smacked Aguang and slapd his hand, which seemed to exhaust all his energy! I remember that the last time he beat him was because the elementary school classmate used to call him a wild child who was fighting with his classmate and nearly got so sad that he was almost expelled from the school.

The mother pleaded with the Aguang and said: "Go and chase! What are you stupid about? After you leave the children, what should you do? Think about your child." The mother chased him first.

Ah Ren stopped her mother. He thought about it today because every time his wife gets angry and said this, he thought many times, many times. He knew that this kind of situation would be inevitable today, even if it did not happen today after the final outcome. Ah Guang's difficult opening: "Mom, I'm sorry! The son is not filial to let you suffer for so long." The two mothers and sons cried for a long time. you could look here | a knockout post | Continue | check this link right here now

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